Contact and reservations

Individual reservations are accepted only by phone.
Reception: +48 602 605 969

Please be advised that we do not use agents and tourism sites’ services.


We like action, this is why we are continuously seeking new possibilities, solutions and ideas we could implement in our mountain hostel. If you have an original idea or want to start an interesting collaboration – contact us: Jakub Szupieńko, phone: +48 513 022 430, e-mail:

How to reach us

Mapa dojazdu
Our coordinates: N: 49° 31ʹ 55ʺ E: 19° 13ʹ 33ʺ

The priviledged position of the mountain hostel on Hala Lipowska allows for multiple ways of reaching it. Many trails of varying difficulty lead to the hostel – you can begin your trip from various sides of Beskid Zywiecki, for instance from the following villages: Węgierska Górka, Żabnica, Milówka, Rajcza, Ujsoły, Złatna (Ujsoły commune), Korbielów, Sopotnia Wielka.

We assure that amateurs as well as experienced wanderers will find their perfect trail here.
So let’s get out and start exploring! We are meeting on Hala Lipowska!

We advise you to check the Trail Calculator:


  • Rajcza PKP – yellow trail (via Zapolanka and Hala Redykalna) – Hala Lipowska, 3h 30min.
  • Hala Boracza – green trail Hala Lipowska, 1h 30min.
  • Hala Boracza – green trail – black – yellow (via Hala Redykalna) – Hala Lipowska, 1h 45min.
  • Hala Rysianka – green,  yellow  and blue trail (combined) – Hala Lipowska, 10 min.
  • Złatna­Huta – black trail – Hala Lipowska, 1h 45min (luggage transportation is available here).
  • Złatna­Huta –black trail – yellow – blue – Hala Lipowska, 1h10min (najnowszy szlak do schroniska).
  • Złatna – blue trail – Hala Lipowska, 3h.
  • Ujsoły – szlak czarny – yellow  Hala Lipowska, 3h 30min.
  • Sopotnia Wielka – blue trail – Hala Lipowska, 2h 15min.
  • Hala Miziowa – red trail (via Trzy Kopce and Rysianka)– Hala Lipowska, 2h 30min.
  • Krawców Wierch – blue trail (via Trzy Kopce) –red  Hala Lipowska, 3h 15min.
  • Żabnica Skałka – green trail (via Halęa Rysianka) – Hala Lipowska, 2h 35min.